“Digital Marketing” vs. “Traditional Marketing”

In my professional past I served as a digital marketing manager, but more and more I’ve had to begin thinking about titles and something struck me oddly — all marketing is digital these days. Yes, even “traditional marketing.” There are a ton of articles out there talking about the differences between the two, but I’m […]

You are not ready for what’s coming in SEO

What Apple’s WWDC means for your website’s SEO Unless you’re living under a rock, you at least heard SOMETHING about Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference Keynote speech  today (6/4/2018). You heard all about updates coming to your iPhone and iPad, your mac — in whatever form it takes, and also your Apple Watch. But what does this […]

National Beer Day

WMAR ABC 2 in Baltimore did a profile on me as part of National Beer Day, which was yesterday, April 7th — a nice early birthday present as today, April 8th, is my birthday. My friend Caitlin and I were filmed brewing her Ginger Lemon Kölsch recipe for the National Homebrewer’s Convention (aka Homebrewcon) coming […]

On Process: Coffee, Vinyl, and Work

Most of us agree conceptually that process is of key importance to whatever we do. It’s a common talking point at management seminars, in motivational scrums away from the cubicles, and it’s a fairly typical subject of life-hack blog posts. Yet in our daily lives we don’t often apply principles of process efficiency, or think much […]

Big idea #1 — Free Pools for Baltimore Youth

I want to state up front that the basis for this idea is NOT originally mine, so I’ll explain where it came from below. Like a lot of my stories, it’s a bit long, so (tl;dr) feel free to jump to the bottom if you’d rather just read about the idea. In my teenage years and early adulthood, I […]

Where does your Web Content Manager belong?

First, the background… This will be a long one, so bear with me. I’ll probably break it into a few parts. In the decade I’ve been working in Web content management, I’ve been a member of marketing departments, I.T. departments, and one time, an “eCommerce” department. I’ve had good experiences in each of these configurations, […]

Cooking, Web Content Management, and Starcraft — Or Why you need to prepare for the rush

So here’s a kind of dumb thing that I want to throw out to my cook/chef-ish friends, and my dork-ish friends that actually relates well to Web pros: I was training up my replacement at a place I cooked a while back. I noticed that he would kind of hang back and not prep when he […]

So you need a new website? The Web consulting process for beginners

Having worked with a number of small business clients, I’ve found that many people don’t entirely understand the process of building a website anymore. To anyone seasoned in the Web marketing game, they know that we’re beyond simple brochure-ware sites, but many of the folks we’re working with have little to no experience with our current […]