National Beer Day

National Beer Day — April 7WMAR ABC 2 in Baltimore did a profile on me as part of National Beer Day, which was yesterday, April 7th — a nice early birthday present as today, April 8th, is my birthday. My friend Caitlin and I were filmed brewing her Ginger Lemon Kölsch recipe for the National Homebrewer’s Convention (aka Homebrewcon) coming to Baltimore in early June. I’m a little uncomfortable in the spotlight, and I don’t always like to hear my own voice recorded, but this was a great opportunity to speak about my passions — homebrewing, and craft beer in general.

If you’ve never tried making your own beer, I won’t lie to you and say that it’s easy, but I will say something that didn’t make the final cut in the video: you can make homebrewing as simple or complicated as you want. What’s great about the hobby is in the video: whatever you make, it’s yours; you crafted it yourself, and being able to share something you made with other people is always a great way to express yourself. At heart, most of the pursuits I enjoy best are about just that — acts of love and service to people I care for. Take a look at the video, and if you’re interested in the hobby, find a homebrew club near you — it’s the best advice I can give to beginners. The Internet is a great resource, but there’s nothing better than learning with and from other people.

If you’re in Baltimore, I highly recommend checking out one of the excellent clubs in the area, Baltibrew — the one I co-founded, Lady Brew Baltimore, Brewtherville Labs, or the Cross Street Irregulars.

More than anything, remember that most of the craft breweries out in the world began as home breweries. I’m luckier than most folks in that two great breweries are within walking distance of my house. I do a little work for my friends at Union Craft Brewing, and I’m happy to be friends with some of the great people at Waverly Brewing Co. I’m also lucky to have a homebrew shop, and one of my favorite places to enjoy beer in the same neighborhood.

I also did a little consulting to prepare beer tasting notes for a local charity event this week.

All in all, a great week for me and for beer. Cheers! and hope you can enjoy some pleasant spring weather, and a fine craft brew regardless of whether it comes from your house, or some former amateurs who’ve gone pro.

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